Support the Rainbow Food Education Foundation

Rainbow Plate has recently incorporated as a not-for-profit in order to access funding and support. We're looking to align ourselves with (innovative, extraordinary, visionary, food-loving) people and organizations that value children's health, innovative approaches to education and community development. The Rainbow Food Education Foundation is all about providing impactful and hands-on solutions to the long-term health of children in Canada.

We can't achieve our mighty mission alone. This is a call out to community partners - help us to reach more kids and adults! After delivering three years of successful programming throughout the city, in numerous settings, we are confident that we are on to an incredible approach that helps to teach people of all ages how to eat well for life. 

One of Rainbow Plate's main values is to show more and tell less. On that note, here is a visual presentation that will tell you more about who we are and how you can get involved.

OUr Vision

Our vision is a future where all Canadian children have access to healthy food and can make the choices that nourish their bodies well for life.


Our Mission

To provide education, resources, and support to children, families, educators, caregivers and health professionals in order to inspire and enable the development of lifelong healthy eating habits.

our Founding board


Dino D'Amato

Principal at Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School, Founder, Ontario Private School Principalsβ€˜ Council

Melanie Redman

Director of National Initiatives at Eva's Initiatives.




Director of Finance, Talent & Training at Real Food For Real Kids Inc.

LIsa Mina

RD, MBA. Principal, FoodHealthInc